Whiplash claims

Whiplash claims are currently a highly controversial area, and there have been many press articles about such claims in the last few months.

The controversy surrounds the fact that the number of whiplash claims has risen hugely in the last 10 years, whilst the number of road traffic accidents has remained steady and perhaps even fallen. this means one of two things or perhaps a combination of both. either there is very widespread fraud in whiplash claims or injured drivers and/or passengers are now much more willing to make a whiplash claim.

Most evidence suggests it is a combination of both but there is no doubt that there has been a serious amount of fraud, with some postcodes having an extraordinary number of accidents in a year, which in fact insurers have known for some time are in reality “staged” accidents. The other controversial part of whiplash is that it is very difficult to disprove in terms of whether it has caused the pain complained of and in terms of recovery time period. This is because, in essence, whiplash is a muscular injury to the neck and possibly backĀ  and muscular conditions are of course not easy for doctors to classify or give a prognosis on.

Unfortunately, and excuse the slight pun, there is now going to be a backlash against whiplash claims which will mean that the majority of genuine claims will be treated with suspicion. This in turn has been caused by the increase in general car insurance premiums in the last year, often as high as 20%, and so now the public want something done about the whiplash issue.

We will shortly post on other aspects of whiplash claims, so please do check back, and let us know also if you have any comments, questions or useful information about whiplash claims.

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