Traffic accident claims

Traffic accidents (or road traffic accidents) are unfortunately frequent despite the increase in road safety awareness and the safety features in modern day cars. This is because most traffic accidents are due to human error or negligence and because of this most people are familiar with the fact that if you have suffered an injury following a traffic accident that was not your fault then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Continue reading

Accident Legal Advice

Claiming after an accident

If you have an accident which is not your fault you should not be out of pocket as a result. The law serves to identify the party at fault and order them to pay you compensation. The process of making a claim after having an accident which is not your fault can appear to be a scary prospect. In fact, it can be relatively straightforward especially with the help of a specialist lawyer to guide you along the way. Before taking the first steps and filing a claim form there is one of the most important steps to take. That step is seeking legal advice. Legal advice about your accident will shape the future of any claim which is to be made. At this first and crucial step the evidence can be assessed, as can the prospects of success and any decision to proceed is then an informed one. It is best to seek advice as soon as practicable so that events are still fresh in your mind and if medical reports and further evidence are necessary there is a greater chance of this being possible soon after an accident. Continue reading