Compensation claim advice

There is plenty of compensation claim advice out there, ranging from claims management companies through to solicitors and much of it is very helpful on the basics of making a compensation claim either for an injury at work or a car accident or in a variety of other situations. As you may already also know, one of the real benefits under the current personal injury legal system is that the vast majority of compensation claims are dealt with under no win no fee agreements – really, there are very few areas of any downside for a claimant with these agreements. Perhaps the only one is if there is a disagreement between the claimant and the lawyer over whether an offer of settlement should or should not be accepted. This is thankfully rarely an issue but can occur and from the lawyer’s point of view, he/she/they are in fact the party which has invested time and hard money in the case.

In seeking compensation claim advice, it is difficult to know sometimes where you can get that advice and what you should look for, so here are some suggestions :-

  • Phone or contact a few injury solicitors and gauge their reactions to you. How quickly do they respond, is it a call centre, can you get to speak with a lawyer, do they seem interested in you and your case ?
  • How long has the firm been around ?
  • Does it have a good reputation ?
  • Does the firm specialise in personal injury
  • If your kind of case is quite specialised, such as perhaps an asbestos case, a serious or unusual injury or an accident abroad, it is important that you check the lawyer you speak with has specific experience in that area.

We hope the above information and guide to compensation claims is useful, please let us know what you think and whether you have any recommendations or tips which may assist others also.



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  1. nice information, thanks. I hope no win no fee stays and does not get banned because people now can get justice without paying £’s… but i think free ipods etc should get banned

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